Friday, July 13, 2007

Essex Steam Train Provides Authentic Background For Major Motion Picture

A scene for a yet untitled motion picture was filmed at Essex Steam Train on July 5, 2007. Descending on Essex Station for the “shoot”, were hordes of set designers, landscape artists, lighting and sound technicians, costumed extras, caterers, assistants, gaffers and grips . . . not to mention assorted Directors, Producers and two major Hollywood Stars!

A special “Movie Train" consisted of Steam Locomotive #97, Parlor Car "Great Republic", Passenger Coach #’s 503, 501 and 602, L&NE Gondola Car (for generators) and a Caboose. The train made short moves for cameras along the station platform throughout the 12-hour day. Regular Essex Steam Train service was maintained with Steam Locomotive #40 and Diesel Locomotive #0901 at either end of a 5 car train, operating from Track 7. Two locomotives eliminated the need for a locomotive to run around the train at Deep River (saving time) and Essex (leaving the main track for filming). The day went smoothly as both the Movie Train and Regular Train experienced no delays.

Photo courtesy of Tom Nanos at Nanosphoto

When we learn the name of the movie and/or a release date, we'll post the information here. (Edit: Of course, it's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, released 22May2008)

J. David Conrad
VP, Chief Mechanical Officer