Thursday, February 2, 2012

The 2011 Season is finished and thus begins the work of preparing for 2012.  Engine 40 has completed it's annual inspection and has had a "caps job" done.  Bill Wolf has been very busy working to machine a new wrist pin for the fireman's side crosshead as well as making new studs for the air compressor bracket and  preparing the fireman's injector to be ready for the upcoming season.  Others have been working on re-installing the lagging, piping, brakes, and water-glasses.  The air compressor was removed and had several boiler studs replaced and the bracket was repaired.   Interesting note that #40 has 292 service days remaining that need to be "used up" over the next two seasons, so we can expect to see 40 pulling quite a few trains this year. 

Wallingford was in the shop for maintenance and repairs.  Having completed most of the work we now have 1000 in the shop getting its "M&R" for the upcoming season. 

During 2012, Engines 40 and 3025 will be operating; however, 40 will see more service because we need to use up the valuable 1472 inspection days.  Engine 3025 is new and has many, many years left to use up its days. 

The tentative 2012 Motive power operating schedule (which is subject to change)
Engine 3025 will start the 2012 season in Fri, April 13 and operate until May 20, 2012 (weekends). 
Engine 40 will operate May 26 through June 29, 2012
Engine 3025 will operate June 30 through July 30, 2012
Engine 40 will operate July 31 through August 30, 2012
Engine 3025 will operate August 31, Sept 1-3, 2012
Engine 40 will operate September 7 through October 22, 2012
Engine 3025 will operate October 26 through November 4, 2012
Engines 3025 and 40 will both operate Christmas starting November 16 through December 27
Please remember and don't be disappointed if your favorite engine isn't operating a particular day.  You can always call the office to verify; however, under certain circumstances the schedule may be altered at the last minute.