Friday, September 9, 2011


We reached a major milestone in the rebuilding of No. 3025 this afternoon, raising the locomotive nearly 5 feet, sliding the wheels under it and lowering it onto it's rebuilt running gear.

The lift was a long time in coming. The entire running gear had to be disassembled, all parts cleaned, inspected and repaired or replaced.

In addition to all that, early this year we acquired a set of 4 Whiting 30 Ton locomotive jacks. Prior to getting these jacks, we either hired cranes or used our air jacks (and a lot of oak blocking) to wheel and un-wheel our equipment. We beleive that the jacks will pay for themselves with about three or four uses.

Once moved to Essex the jacks were rebuilt by our Master Electrician, Paul Horgan (right) and Contractor, Dave Wantz. Paul made the electrical repairs and modifications (including conversion fron 575 Volt to 480 Volt) while Dave disassembled each jack, making a thorough inspection and replacing worn parts.

Now the push will be on to reassemble the rest of the locomotive and place it in service so it can begin to repay this major investement for our company.