Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Diesel 1606 Placed in Service

On February 13th, we conducted a test run of our newest Diesel Locomotive, Number 1606, purchased from the US Air Force back in March 2014. Normally, a new piece of motive power is big news around here, but this got a bit buried in the preparation for our annual Eagle Flyer excursion, several snow storms, and the resultant need to plow our line. Fortunately, Lee Carlson took a few photos to commemorate the event!

Rob Bradway provides the following update:

"The Valley Railroad's latest motive power aquisition made its road debut, pulling the Eagle Flyer trainset on a test run on Friday. GE 80 ton diesel-electric 1606 successfully pulled the 650 ton train across the snowy landscape from Goodspeed Station in Haddam back to Essex.

Completely rebuilt by the US Air Force prior to being purchased last year by Valley, the 1606 is identical to our old reliable 0900 and, once in a coat of fresh paint (scheme to be determined - suggestions??) will become the railroad's primary vintage diesel power on the Essex Clipper Dinner Train."

Welcome on board, 1606! Even though we're known for our Steam Locomotives, we love our vintage Diesels as well!

Look for a more formal dedication and commissioning once we get her painted up and bring her into full time service!