Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Along the Line

The Track Department has tackled another railroad crossing upgrade, this time at the Essex Hardware crossing. 

Smaller in size than the recently rebuilt Dickinson Crossing, the hardware store crossing posed a unique challenge -- performing the work as quickly as possible since the driveway is the primary access to the busy Essex Hardware Company. The Track Crew and some members of the Friends of the Valley Railroad put in a 12 hour day to remove the old pavement, ties, rail, and ballast, and build new track through the crossing, as well as tie upgrades on the approaches. A new ballast subgrade drain was installed to keep the foundation dry. Rubber rail-seal was used, and new pavement installed. Just a quick two-day crossing rebuild, but of VITAL importance to both rail operations and the convenience of a popular local business.

Rob Bradway
VP, Track Superintendent/Property Manager