Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hard at Work

The folks in the Engine House are taking advantage of the warmer weather, sunny skies, and minimal weekday operations as they continue a number of spring maintenance and renovation projects. Although the public face of the Valley Railroad Company is our popular tourist excursions and events, the company is filled with individuals dedicated to maintaining and preserving vintage rolling stock and equipment.

J.David was kind enough to send along a sampling of works in process!

Bill rebuilding a brake beam for Dacosta

Eloise and Liu repairing coach seat.

Scott patching on Dacosta roof while Mike fits new steel for window

Contractors digging out for the inspection pit in the Engine House Addition

Anthony needle chipping rust out of Meriden belt rail
Before too long, Essex Station will be filled with families for Day Out with Thomas, and our regular Steam Train & Riverboat operations begin May 10. But in the meantime, we've got plenty of work to do.