Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Farewell to Old 97

In November 2010, “Your Hand on the Throttle” will celebrate Engine 97’s last run . . . until it’s rebuilt per federal regulations!

Periodically, steam locomotives have to be overhauled, typically every 100,000 miles. However, Engine 97 hasn’t been totally rebuilt since the 1940s and has run a remarkable 200,000 miles in Valley Railroad service since 1977. Therefore, upon completion of Engine 97’s current term of service in 2010, it will undergo a complete boiler inspection and rebuilding of all mechanical components . . . such as driving axels, crank pins, and crown brasses. 

Join us for:

Farewell to Old 97
November 5-14

The cost for this special Farewell to Old 97 event is $500.00. A portion of the proceeds from your participation will help the VRR’s effort to defray costs of acquiring parts and rebuilding Engine 97.

Don’t forget to bring your camera…a VRR Engineer will be happy to take your photo in the cab of Engine 97, of course, with Your Hand on the Throttle!