Friday, August 8, 2008

Work Begins (again) On Coach 1001

We have begun work on coach 1001 several times over the last few years only to leave it and move to more pressing projects. This time however, we are pretty well committed, having removed all of the windows and seats (not to mention cutting out large sections of the window posts and roof hip corners).

Preparations for this years work began last year when we contracted with Eric Seamans to construct a new set of windows. We chose to make the frames from "sapeli", a species of wood which is very similar to "true" mahogany but a lot cheaper. Eric did all of the millwork, glazed with automotive safety plate and finished (stained and clear coated one side, primed and double coat painted the other side).

Most of the original latches are being transferred to the new windows. For the balance of the latches, reproduction window latch patterns were supplied by Jim Case and castings produced by Mystic River Foundry. Machine work, fitting and polishing is being done in house.

The H.R.Hillary company has supplied formed steel sections for use as patching material for window posts, etc. while roof patches have been formed "in house" with our sheet metal roller and new press brake.

We'll continue to post on this project as work progresses.


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