Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Essex Steam Train & Riverboat is taking Spring Cleaning seriously... rebuilding the 40 year-old “Dickinson Crossing.” This crossing takes visitors over the tracks from Essex Station’s Main Entrance into the Parking Lot, as well as to offices in the original Witch Hazel Works building and to neighboring residences.

The project started when the track crew removed the crossing’s gravel surface with a backhoe. Next, a Kershaw Tie Handler was operated to pull up the rails and remove the old crossties. The track bed was prepared, new crossties were placed and rails were installed.

Rob Bradway, VP, Track & Property, says, “While modern machinery certainly helps, there is a huge amount of good ol' fashion back work including shoveling, spiking, bolting up the rails, lining and leveling the track, and tamping the gravel beneath the ties.” Perhaps that’s why we call Rob our Hero of the Rails!

A BIG thanks to the Track/Engine House crews, and the Friends of the Valley Railroad for their long, hard days. Essex Steam Train & Riverboat looks forward to welcoming our passengers in 2012 with a smooth crossing!

Happy Spring!

~ Susan

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