Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Da Costa Restoration

"Da Costa" was built 8/1927 by Pullman for use on the Pennsylvania Railroad as a 1 drawing room, 28 seat parlor car.  It was used on trains such as the Congressional Limited between New York and Washington, D.C. until some time in the 1960's when it was put into work train service.

It was purchased by The Valley Railroad in 1988 from a tourist railroad in Ohio and moved to Essex. From 1988 until August 2013 it was used for storage. 

Employees and volunteers have restored it to its present condition; it will initially be set up as a 40 seat Lounge Car.

The restoration included: sandblasting the car inside and outside, repairs to the roof and sides, complete rebuilding of the steps and car ends, new windows and lower walls, much reproduction interior moldings and window casings, two new sets of wheels, rebuilt brake rigging and couplers, all new brake shoes, extensive body work, priming and painting, and new heating system, complete rewiring and sound system.

Da Costa has been placed in service this fall for our North Pole Express holiday trains, providing additional First Class seating. However, there are several more tasks to complete next year - we'll finish the project by installing a generator and air conditioning system so it can be used in our Essex Clipper Dinner Train service.

Interested in video?

Before: On Sept. 5, 2013, Valley Railroad's Pullman Parlor Car "Da Costa" was moved into the shop to proceed with its restoration. - Youtube, video by ebtmikado

After: Pullman Da Costa's First Trip (October 25, 2014) - Facebook video by Lee Carlson

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Anonymous said...

Yes, video please. After it's use on the NPE, will it be added to the existing dinner train consist or replace one of the existing cars?