Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FVRR Cabin Car Nears Completion

A last minute push by numerous volunteers brought the restoration of the former Pennsylvania Railroad cabin car (most railroads called this type of car a caboose), now owned by the Friends of the Valley Railroad, almost to completion.

Last year the lower portions of the sides were replaced with new steel. This year all of the welds were ground smooth and the entire car sanded. After cleaning, it was primed, painted and minor repairs made.

Here, Tom repairs a window while the car sits in the sun with fresh paint. - J. David

Lee Carlson was kind enough to capture some images of the lettering and finishing work, and a lovely shot of the cabin car making its debut on the July 4th Saybrook Special.

Veronica, checking the layout / Lee Carlson
Veronica, mounting the big stencil / Lee Carlson
A work in progress. Not finished, but coming along / Lee Carlson

PRR 477449 / Lee Carlson
July 4th Saybrook Special, near the RMNE yard,
with Roman Daniels and Paul Goodman / Lee Carlson

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