Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Along the Line

As soon as Essex Steam Train & Riverboat's busy, 7 day-a-week summer schedule relaxed after Labor Day, the facilities crew immediately embarked on its next “Accessible History” infrastructure project. Improving on April’s new Dickinson Crossing at Essex Station, the Main Entrance was completely re-graded and paved -- from Route 154 , across the tracks, and over to our main parking areas. For 41 years, this entrance was traditional gravel; depending upon the season, it could be dusty, bumpy, muddy, or any combination of the three!

To facilitate this project, a short unused section of Track 7 was removed where it passed through the driveway to allow proper grading for drainage.

This Main Entrance upgrade was a joint project with the owner of the Witch Hazel Works, an office condominium located across the tracks in the former Dickinson Witch Hazel Distillery building. By working in partnership, we improved the comfort and safety for patrons of both venues. Road markings and clearly denoted pedestrian pathways make future arrival at Essex Steam Train & Riverboat and the Witch Hazel Works, more welcoming and easy to navigate. 

Rob Bradway
VP, Track Superintendent & Property Manager

Rob Bradway directs passenger traffic around the Quarry Paving vehicles. 

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