Sunday, October 28, 2012

Car 601 **UPDATE**

It's been a while since the Engine House blog has been updated.  It's hard to believe, but over the next few weeks we're preparing for North Pole Express.  It seems that this operating season has gone by in a flash.

We have accomplished quite a bit this year.  We've put roller bearing wheels on several cars, including 501--which is just about ready to leave the shop.

Car 601 continues toward completion of its cosmetic restoration.  Here you can see the inside and the windows being installed. 


To give everyone an update on what we've done so far:
  • North and south end stairs and vestibules repaired and rebuilt with new steel.
  • Outside sandblasted, primed, and painted.
  • New windows were made by New England Joinery.  They're been stained and painted.
  • Window glass from original Adlake windows was cut to fit new sashes and installed.
  • New bronze window latches were cast, machined, assembled, and installed in the windows.
  • Window sill was cut and fit.
  • Doors were removed, repaired, sandblasted, painted, and being installed.
Charlie at work on window stops and latches. 

As North Pole Express approaches, we'll be finished with 601 fairly soon.

New "Half-round" cocktail tables were made for Meriden.  This year for North Pole Express the Meriden will be converted from dining car to Parlor car.  We have new, comfy leather chairs to make this a true first class experience.  We'll be converting the car in the next week.  After NPE and the Eagle Flyer the Meriden will be converted back to a dining car.

Wallingford will receive the same treatment this year.  Its tables will be removed and converted to a Parlor car for NPE.

Engine 3025 is currently in service with Your Hand On The Throttle.

Engine 40 is in good form and ready for service.

Preparations are underway for North Pole Express.  We've prepared spare injectors for the locomotives.  We have a supply of fresh brake valves for our coaches.  Coal supplies are being increased.  So, we should be in good shape as North Pole Express starts November 16.

It promises to be a good season for North Pole Express.  We hope that we have the same good luck with the weather this year as we did last year.

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